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The history of 43 Commercial Street West is filled with a rich tapestry of owners and transformations. From its humble beginnings to its current state as a thriving hub to 3 new businesses, this building has witnessed numerous changes over the years. In 1938, the property was acquired by R Hutton, marking the beginning of…Read More→

Comparing Commercial and Residential Property Investments: Which is Right for you?

When it comes to investing in property, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is whether to invest in commercial or residential real estate. In this blog we will explore both options as they both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the key differences between the two, to help you decide which one…Read More→

Business for Good Breakfast with Tom Linnell

Our Commercial Team recently joined Chamber of Commerce hosted breakfast, with guest speaker Tom Linnell. Tom is the Sustainability Coordinator and Educator at Tenison Woods College, 2022 Churchill Fellow and Managing Director of EcoThink. Tom spoke on a number of sustainability topics, focussing on answering the question “how can we do what we do indefinitely?”….Read More→

Health Industry Leases and What it Takes to Secure

The recent establishment of SA Health’s new outpatient clinic at 1/165 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier has involved the full suite of skills for the Complete Commercial Leasing team to achieve this blue-chip outcome. The property selection process required the assessment of various buildings and their existing internal and structural attributes. This information is then…Read More→

AUKUS Biznet Breakfast with Matt Opie

In a recent speech at the Chamber of Commerce BizNet Breakfast in Mount Gambier, Matt Opie, UniSA Space and Defence Director, shed light on the significance of AUKUS for Australia and the unprecedented opportunities it presents for regional businesses. The AUKUS partnership, comprising Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, aims to bolster security…Read More→

Why industrial warehouses are in demand right now

A key commercial trend weโ€™re seeing in Mount Gambier at the moment is a lift in demand for industrial warehouses. This is due to a few factors, both local and national, and means that for investors looking to either invest or try something different, warehouse space is worth contemplating. And with Mount Gambier located almost…Read More→

Selling your Mt Gambier commercial property in a changing market

Unless youโ€™ve ignored all the news for the past few months, youโ€™ll be aware of interest rate rises due to inflation rising above the nominal targets of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). And while fiscal policy canโ€™t address all the factors of inflation, the rises in interest rates will cool what was an overheated…Read More→

Cost-saving systems for Mt Gambier commercial buildings

The results of the Federal election in May delivered a strong message to politicians; the environment is a hot topic. We expect to see more regulation for everything from transport emissions to building standards and everything in between. Smart commercial property owners might be wise to adapt sooner to be ahead of the curve and…Read More→

Valuing intangible assets in Mt Gambier commercial

If you own a commercial property in Mount Gambier, you will most likely have had your property valued, you may understand yield and you or your commercial property manager will have itemised your tangible assets. For a commercial property, your tangible assets would include: – the building itself – building management system – water filtration…Read More→

Why biophilic design could attract higher rent for your Mt Gambier commercial property

With the current focus on wellness for employees and customers, biophilic design for commercial property is all the rage. But what is it and how can you achieve it in an existing property? Biophilic design: what does it mean? Biophilic design refers to the trend of bringing the outdoors indoors. So most homes with indoor…Read More→

Why warehouses and sheds are in hot demand

Click below to watch the video Following is the video transcript. With the change in global supply chains, the old norm of just-in-time ordering โ€“ placing an order today and receiving the goods tomorrow โ€“ has turned into weeks and months of backorders. Many of our commercial clients are now seeking more storage. Retailers are…Read More→

Why rethink a commercial buildingโ€™s use?

Click below to watch the video Following is the video transcript. 18 months ago we had an 18 per cent vacancy along Mount Gambierโ€™s main street. With two indoor shopping centres, Commercial Street is no longer the retail shopping hub of old. Owners now need to consider how to attract a different type of tenant. …Read More→

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