Cost-saving systems for Mt Gambier commercial buildings

Cost-saving systems for Mt Gambier commercial buildings

The results of the Federal election in May delivered a strong message to politicians; the environment is a hot topic. We expect to see more regulation for everything from transport emissions to building standards and everything in between.

Smart commercial property owners might be wise to adapt sooner to be ahead of the curve and position themselves as leaders. So how can your building and systems help to get us to Net Zero while keeping costs down? By implementing integrated systems.

Save costs and realise benefits with integrated systems

Most integrated systems not only cut overall energy use, but also, keep tenants more comfortable.  Some examples of integrated systems include:

Centralised filtered drinking water

Ensuring drinking water pipes are in pristine condition, and placing a filter at the building input level rather than on individual taps, means lower labour costs (with just one filter to change each cycle), and lower emissions from trucks delivering bottled water.

Radiant heating

Under-floor heating or infrared heating can reduce mould build-up, reduce condensation and maintain a healthier environment. Underfloor heating is incorporated into the building structure and is a more cost-effective method of heating a building when it is combined with considered thermostat management.

Infrared heating can be wall- or ceiling mounted and heats the building and people but not the air. No more stuffy rooms and a cost-effective solution for heating offices and retail outlets.

Thermally activated heating and cooling

In Australia, this type of system is known as a chilled beam system, although it provides heat as well. We have mentioned chilled beams in a previous blog but to recap: pipes with either cool or warm water run through concrete slabs or beams for quieter, more effective heating and cooling. And as we noted before, property managers report far fewer complaints from tenants, especially for cooling. This system is almost completely silent, so quiet, in fact, that some buildings using this system filter ‘white noise’ through speakers to dampen voices carrying across open-plan offices. Another benefit of this integrated system is that tenants have fewer restrictions on the design of their workspaces.

Building management system (BMS)

Sometimes known as a building automation system (BAC), a building management system offers several benefits over separate systems. A good BMS will not only identify energy overuse but also enable you to monitor your security system, lighting, lift and other mechanical systems to give you control over areas like on-off times, temperature, energy use and more. A BMS can be retrofitted to your existing systems as an add-on. A single user interface means operators can see how the building is performing at a glance, with the ability to automate many of the functions, saving time and money.

Energy efficiency is a win-win-win

For building owners and commercial property managers, improving your building’s efficiency can improve the overall asset value through a reduction in the costs of operating and maintaining your building. Lower energy bills will attract better tenants and reduce turnover. You can achieve higher rents while ensuring you achieve your goals  for corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

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