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Our real estate agency takes a strategic, professional approach to the sale of your property. With access to the latest market data, we apply the researched evidence from recent sales to provide a well-considered price estimate and key insights into suitable buyers from across our network.

Specialising in property located across Mount Gambier and the surrounding region, our property sales team provides expert knowledge and the attention to detail required to achieve outstanding sales prices for our property selling clients – whether you’re living locally or based elsewhere.

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Commercial Lease & Contract Specialist
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Selling Faq

Our Sales Agents have an understanding of our market and the conditions and trends which assists them. Our team can also complete a comprehensive Market Appraisal on your property to determine a marketing price for your property. The true value of a property is only determined when listed for sale.

Yes we do. Presentation is very important when selling your property. Our Sales Agents will advise you as to what extent works are needed to be undertaken and the best ways to maximize your sale price.

We understand that the investment required to effectively market your property is a big one and that you may not be in a position to pay for some or all of the marketing up-front. Our Accounts Department is available to speak with should you wish to set up a payment plan.

Our Sales Agents have the skills to negotiate a sale price that our Vendors are looking to achieve for their property. To ensure that you are receiving the most efficient and effective service for the marketing and sale of your property; we wouldn’t compromise on our fees. The professional fee is payable only once your property has sold, with cost paid from your settlement funds.

When marketing your property for sale, well-meaning family, friends and colleagues may have some advice on their views on how best to market your property. Should this happen, remember to trust your Sales Agent; who has a wealth of knowledge and is guiding you through this process to achieve the best outcome for the sale of your property.

A sole agency with a Sales Agent reduces your ongoing costs of marketing your property for sale. Should you list your property with multiple agents on a general agency agreement, you may be charged marketing costs for each of those agencies to market your property for sale.

A Sales Agent will be more committed to you as a Vendor should you list on a sole agency agreement. You will find that as the Vendor, you have no control over the selling process when you list with multiple agents.

The Statutory Search fees form part of the legal documents required to sell your property. Your Sales Agent’s office will order these documents from your local council and the state government, these will then be included within the Vendor’s Statement – Form 1. These documents confirm the Vendor’s details, property details and confirm any approvals relating to shed’s being built or verandah’s etc were granted.

Our Sales Agents can manage the sale of your property while you are looking to purchase another property to ensure that you move from one property to another seamlessly. Settlement often takes place on the same day so that any settlement funds may assist you with the purchasing costs for your next property. Our Sales Agents are available should you have any further questions on this and how it may work for you, should you be looking to purchase while selling.

We suggest you keep your property ‘inspection ready’, first impressions through good presentation can make a massive difference when it’s time to sell your property. In readiness for our Sales Agents to show your property to any potential buyers, we recommend you open all the curtains and blinds and make the property as light and airy as possible. We get one chance to make that first impression.

While your Sales Agent is showing through any potential buyers, we recommend you vacate the property until you receive a call from your Agent to say they have finished – some buyers may not feel comfortable viewing a property when the property owners are in the next room

Our Sales Agents will provide feedback to you on how the market is going, be it good or bad. The information will be direct and accurate on all property inspections and confirmed offers. All offers, irrespective of price, must be submitted to you. We enter all enquiries on your property into our database to maintain a relationship with these potential buyers during the marketing of your property.

Our Sales Agents will make contact with you several times a week via your preferred method of contact, to keep you up to date on any interest on your property.

Our aim as your Sales Agent is to achieve the best price possible for your property. If during the listing period, the level of enquiries are low and numbers through open inspections have declined, it might be worth considering an adjustment to your listing price.

When looking to reduce the listing price for your property, your Sales Agent will compare your property to recent sales within your area with properties that are similar to yours. A meeting will be arranged between both the Vendor/s and Sales Agent to discuss a new listing price.

After the marketing for your property has launched, it will attract attention from those who are passing by. Should anyone approach you directly and ask to view the property, kindly direct them to speak with our agents, who will qualify their details. Our agency would never send a potential buyer unaccompanied to the property.

Selling Faq

No. Upon signing a Commercial Sales Agency Agreement, you have agreed to allow the agent a specified period to market your property for sale, and present all offers to you from potential purchasers. During this period, you are locked into this agreement.

Once a property is marketed, an ethical agent will not contact you. Some agents may still contact you via direct mail, letterbox drops and potentially phone calls. Our best advice is to ignore these attempts and refer them to your Complete Commercial agent. If they do have a genuine buyer, our agents are best to manage this to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Yes. Your Sales Agent will advise you of all offers received for your property during the selling process.

It’s a legislative requirement that your agent present all offers – irrespective of price. Offers are a sign of interest and generally only a starting point in negotiations. When a property is first marketed for sale on the open market, interest is generated from qualified buyers who have been researching the property market and are discovering the property for the first time.

Offers from purchasers are based on their own impressions of the market and how the property in their view compares to other properties. Our Sales Agents will never under quote the listing price. Should the listing price be too far above the perceived value, buyers won’t make offers.

Our Sales Agents work closely with buyers to obtain an understanding of any conditions included within their offer. This understanding assists for our vendors to have knowledge around a buyers purchasing situation to ensure they make an informed decision on accepting an offer on their property.

Yes, the conveyancer will legally process the transferring of ownership (including rights, title and interest) from one legal entity into another. A conveyancer is required for both selling and purchasing of property.

Yes. This can be a discussion between both the Vendor and Purchaser to ensure that the settlement date is suitable for both parties.

The deposit amount which is listed within the Contract of Sale is paid into your Sales Agent’s Trust Account. This money is used to put towards the Sales Agents professional fee, any advertising costs associated with the sale of the property and the search fees. Any additional money is then paid into the Vendor’s conveyancers trust account prior to settlement to form part of the settlement payout.

Once an offer has been accepted and all the conditions subject to this offer are fulfilled i.e – purchasers finance is approved and deposit from purchaser has been paid to the agency’s trust account; the property is now unconditional.

Your Conveyancer will arrange for the pay-out of any mortgages against the property prior to settlement – working with your bank on a pay-out figure based on your settlement date.

Your Conveyancer will also calculate the money owing for rates and taxes relating to the property – council rates, water, ESL, land tax prior to settlement.

Monies owing for Conveyancer fees will be deducted with a final pay-out figure being calculated for when settlement takes place, the balance would then be paid into your nominated bank account once settlement has taken place.

This can be discussed between the Vendor and Purchasers during the purchasing stage, to ensure this works for both parties. This would form part of the Contract of Sale to ensure it is a condition which is agreed upon between both parties.

If you are selling an investment property you may be liable for Capital Gains Tax on any sale profits. We recommend you speak with your accountant or Australian Taxation Office to understand your tax liabilities when selling a property that has or is currently rented out.

Torrens Title: A single Certificate of Title for an allotment of land. This is the most common type of title in South Australia. The Torrens Title Certificate shows details on the current property owners.

Strata Title: Relates to townhouses and units. A strata plan divides the land so property is owned by individuals, with common areas jointly owned with shared use. Property boundaries are part of the building and not defined by surveyed land measurements. A corporation is formed when a plan is lodged with the Land Titles Office, its purpose includes managing the common property and enforcing of the articles or rules for the strata corporation. Unit entitlements determine the amount each owner contributes towards insurance and other fees – entitlements are annexed in the strata plan. The corporation must formally meet at least yearly to consider insurance and other fees. Each owner has one vote.

Community Strata: Is defined by boundary of the building. The Community Strata Corporation is responsible for all maintenance and insurance. Property owners are responsible for the inside of the property; maintenance and insurance. This is similar to Strata Titles; since June 2009 you were no longer able to lodge against the Strata Titles Act of 1908, any new developments were to be lodged under the Community Strata Plan of 1996.

Community Scheme: When land is divided into at least two allotments and an area of common property, this is considered a community plan. Common property is the shared land of the properties, such as driveways. A community title is created for each lot and the common property.


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