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Prior to a lease commencement, an ingoing inspection is conducted to report on the ingoing condition of the property. This includes all rooms, fittings, fixtures and outside areas with a detailed catalogue of images for office use.

Importantly, this report is used when vacating the property to ensure it is left in an acceptable condition. The catalogue of images is also referred to for comparison and/or evidence for any dispute that may arise.

We touch base with tenants every twelve months to ensure they are satisfied with the property and give them opportunity to discuss anything they wish to bring to our attention.

An outgoing inspection is scheduled for the last day of tenancy. Our team will maintain close communication with you in the lead up to your vacate date and offer a smooth pre-vacate service.

It is important that you are aware of your lease expiry date and the timeframes set out in the lease to exercise rights of renewal or vacate the premises, as each commercial lease may vary.

Our office will make contact with you in advance of the lease end date within the prescribed timeframe of your lease to confirm if you are wishing to renew your tenancy for a further period or if you will be vacating at your lease end date.

If a Right of Renewal is an option in the lease, the terms for further extension will be laid out, which will include length of the lease extension and rent increases.


We require all maintenance requests to be made in writing. Please email all maintenance requests to Attached photos where possible and please describe in detail.

Once we receive your written maintenance request, our team will seek approval from your landlord to engage a qualified trade who can attend the property and rectify the issue. The tradesperson will contact you direct to schedule a time to attend and arrange access to the property. To ensure you are kept updated, a status update will be emailed to you at each step of your request.

Unless reporting emergency maintenance, we cannot act on your maintenance request without the approval of the landlord first.

What counts as an EMERGENCY maintenance request? Any maintenance or incident that is an EMERGENCY can be assessed as one that…”directly endangers a person or the rental property itself, and not addressing the matter promptly will result in damage to the property or could cause injury to a person.”​

OR any fault or damage that makes the rented premises unsafe or unsecure.

It is important to note that items such as DRIPPING TAPS or NO HOT WATER SUPPLY are important matters, but whilst inconvenient, they do not qualify as URGENT or EMERGENCY related items and will be managed within the normal timely manner during business hours.

Our afterhours maintenance service is available for emergencies only. If needing immediate assistance with an emergency maintenance issue, please contact the office which will re-direct you to the maintenance message bank. Leave a detailed message with your name, your property address, your contact number and detail of the issue at hand. A Property Manager will get back to you ASAP.

Turn the gas supply OFF at mains to avoid further damage or safety concerns.

Call our office on 8725 5290 and follow prompts to speak with our afterhours service.

Isolate your mains water supply (or the hot water unit) to avoid property damage and reduce water waste. Make sure you report the issue as normal and if you believe the matter requires a plumber to attend urgently then contact our office and follow the prompts to speak with our afterhours service.

Call our office on 8725 5290 and follow prompts to speak with our afterhours service.

Not all Hot Water Service issues are considered an emergency (but all are inconvenient). IF you are just experiencing a lack of hot water, then at this stage you only need to lodge a request.

Check fuse box to isolate the power to the property and ensure it is not a supply related issue caused by an outage in your area.

SA Power networks maybe conducting works in your area, or have an issue they are aware of that is impacting customers in your location.

Visit their website: for information.

Check all appliances for any faulty items.

Call our office on 8725 5290 and follow prompts to speak with our afterhours service or visit SA Power Networks website: for information on current outages in your area.

Call 000 in case of Fire, Break-in/property vandalism or damage or in need of ambulance assistance

*Any faults/issues found to be caused by tenant directly or by negligence will be at the cost of the tenant.

Due to health regulations there is to be no smoking inside the commercial property at any time. 


When the time comes to end your lease at the property, our agency will schedule a Pre-Vacate Inspection 4 – 6 weeks prior to your lease end date. At this inspection, your Property Manager will run through the end of lease process and provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the vacating process and requirements.

Once you have returned your keys to our office and your outgoing inspection has been completed, your Property Manager will give you a call to finalise the tenancy and process your bond refund.

Complete Commercial do not hold your bond, it is held with the Small Business Commissioner. Once your outgoing final inspection is completed and all outstanding invoices are paid, we will initiate the bond refund process. Please note that it can take up to 14 days for the bond refund to be processed.

We understand that the vacate process may be stressful. We will work closely with you during to arrange for potential new tenants to attend an inspection in order to re-let the property.

Potential tenants understand that you are in the process of vacating the property and will be focused on the layout and size of the tenancy to ensure it works for them.

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