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Suze Justice

As a property manager at Complete Real Estate, I look after a large number of rental properties (including ex-council homes) for a unique group of landlords, many of whom have large investment portfolios. The best part of my job is maintaining a strong relationship with my clients and their tenants, and finding solutions to problems that are win-win for both parties.

Our clients are often sophisticated investors with large portfolios, so it is critical that I have up-to-date knowledge about the current rental legislation. My role also entails keeping a record of maintenance activities across entire portfolios, keeping track of the progress of repairs and their costs. Providing this information in spreadsheets, my clients have a complete overview at all times.

Challenges are part of the package when it comes to property management, but thanks to my cool head, training and experience, I am equipped to handle whatever comes my way. Some days can feel more pressured than others, but as a naturally calm person I use my problem solving skills so I can get any issue resolved quickly.

Balancing the needs and interests of both landlords and tenants is key, and I manage this by maintaining strong relationships with both parties, remaining calm and patient and always identifying the optimal outcome for all.

A landlord myself, I understand the importance of good communication between the managing agent, landlord and tenant; to ensure all parties kept up to date on any maintenance, inspections and rental payments.

Brianna McBain

With my experience across several key roles at Complete Real Estate, I now occupy a central role as Rental Team Leader.

Initially, I was employed in a property leasing role through 2013 and 2014. After taking some time off to travel the world, and work in the travel industry, I re-joined Complete Real Estate in 2021 in a general administration position.

My willingness to take on new tasks and to be adaptable are essential to my role, which is why my role has developed to overseeing our property management division.

My approachable, yet efficient manner, assists me with maintaining our client relationships with both landlords and tenants to ensure the property is being managed effectively.

With my experience and extensive knowledge of various aspects of property management, I am able to assist the team with any concerns or questions. My versatility strengthens my support role to our property managers and across in to our sales team. The diversity of my tasks keep me engaged and helping others is why I enjoy my role at Complete Real Estate.