About Abby

With more than 15 years spent working in finance and administration, I have wide-ranging experience across a mix of accounting and finance business activities, including large commercial retailers. My financial responsibilities at Complete Commercial include receiving rental payments, collating reports for late-payments and ensuring follow-up. In addition, I manage all outgoing costs for disbursements such as utilities, building insurance and general maintenance, then generate invoices to collect payments from tenants. At Complete Commercial we disburse funds to landlords and other creditors on a bi-monthly basis.

My role also includes monitoring the requirements of commercial building leases, including monitoring market reviews, managing annual rent increases and monitoring extension rights and termination options. Additionally, I undertake risk management activities, where I identify and support distressed tenants with payment plans, and assist both tenants and landlords in budgeting their annual costs and management of admin funds.

As a valued member of the Complete Commercial team, I pride myself on my professionalism, extensive industry knowledge and no-nonsense approach. My ability to respond to problems and manage tough conversations see me find a win-win solution for both tenants and landlords.

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