Shae Landon
Senior Commercial Consultant

About Shae

My real estate expertise spans 15 years, with 5 years spent within government as an executive-level housing operations manager, specializing in Urban Industry & Community Housing. Today, my role at Complete Commercial allows me to help business owners and commercial investors fulfil their business goals and investment profit potential.

My specialty is large-scale industrial leasing; specifically, identifying and sourcing large-scale industrial facilities to meet unique specifications. Commercial leasing can be bigger than a commercial sales process.

While people and relationships are my main focus, I also enjoy providing ideas for innovative ways to use a commercial space. It’s this creative, strategic thinking that brings me work satisfaction, alongside matching the right property with the right commercial tenant and vice versa.

Through my experience coordinating client services teams, working for government in Alice Springs, I learnt how to identify the potential in any ‘blank canvas’ and see the virtues from a business owner’s perspective. Hence, my key strength is helping landlords and tenants breathe new life into commercial spaces, wherever the location or whatever the size.

Securing a solid lease improves the value of an asset and makes the property more saleable when the time comes to cash in on your investment. When potential tenants approach me with a vision for their business and fit out, I look beyond the obvious and help them to realise their business objectives – at the same time aiming to secure them for the long-term and ultimately ensure their business endeavours are a success.

With strong negotiation experience across ministerial recommendation and stakeholder engagement, I’m skilled in overcoming barriers and driving mutually beneficial outcomes. I am driven to help boost the economy, local industry, business and the community alike.

Mount Gambier is showing great signs of change and prosperity and I’m proud of the work our commercial team is doing to help businesses and investors revitalise our city, especially the main street. So if you’re looking for help leasing, selling or enhancing a commercial space, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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