When to book a commercial lease or market rent appraisal?

When to book a commercial lease or market rent appraisal?

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There are two key areas of focus with a commercial property; whether the rent is currently set at or above current market rates, and whether the terms and conditions are being applied as per the commercial lease agreement. 

By arranging a rental appraisal with your asset manager, a commercial landlord can rest assured that they have their rent set at the right market level. In addition, a lease appraisal is a strategic assessment that reviews the current clauses in the rental agreement outlining the obligations of the lease and whether they have been met. 

Although most leases follow a similar format, each property and type of tenant are different. A skilled commercial property manager will identify areas in the contract that have not yet been realised and maximise the overall performance and profitability of your asset, including the upkeep of the premises. 

At Herbert Commercial we offer complimentary assessments of your lease agreement, and for a fee, we can generate a rental market report specific to your commercial premises. Send us a copy of your lease and we will help ensure your commercial property is meeting its full potential. 

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