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Lauren MacLean

Landlords and tenants can take comfort in the fact that, when it comes to putting systems and processes in place, my ability is second to none. It’s these procedures that ensure we provide all clients with a first-class service.

My role is varied. Currently, I manage around 90 commercial tenancies in Mount Gambier. This involves leasing (including helping landlords with first-time leases), commercial property marketing campaigns and oversight of the creation of documentation needed to satisfy the Retail and Commercial act and regulations for forming a commercial contract.

Preventative maintenance and compliance reviews are also key in commercial property management. In my role, I ensure that scheduled maintenance is completed and tenancies are kept compliant.

At Complete Commercial we know our commercial landlords need peace of mind that we have a lease in place with tenants at all times. We ensure leases remain up to date and cover any potential issues that may arise. My years of experience alongside the excellent relationships I have forged with conveyancers and solicitors is additional value that our clients receive the benefit of.

On the anniversary of the tenancy, myself and the team have standard procedures for negotiating and action where required rent reviews (annual increases), rights for renewal or rights for termination that help to encourage and support tenants to make the decision to renew their lease when appropriate.

Additionally, my role involves drafting documentation for commercial property sales. This includes Sales Agency Agreements, Contracts of Sale and Form 1 documentation.

With commercial sales and property management, it’s always a team effort. I enjoy working with the Complete Commercial team, to give and receive support, and be on hand to assist any member of the team who may not have my depth of knowledge. Last but not least, my experience enables me to look at the big picture for the Mount Gambier commercial property market and help landlords and tenants make more informed choices.

Abby Sargeant

With more than 15 years spent working in finance and administration, I have wide-ranging experience across a mix of accounting and finance business activities, including large commercial retailers. My financial responsibilities at Complete Commercial include receiving rental payments, collating reports for late-payments and ensuring follow-up. In addition, I manage all outgoing costs for disbursements such as utilities, building insurance and general maintenance, then generate invoices to collect payments from tenants. At Complete Commercial we disburse funds to landlords and other creditors on a bi-monthly basis.

My role also includes monitoring the requirements of commercial building leases, including monitoring market reviews, managing annual rent increases and monitoring extension rights and termination options. Additionally, I undertake risk management activities, where I identify and support distressed tenants with payment plans, and assist both tenants and landlords in budgeting their annual costs and management of admin funds.

As a valued member of the Complete Commercial team, I pride myself on my professionalism, extensive industry knowledge and no-nonsense approach. My ability to respond to problems and manage tough conversations see me find a win-win solution for both tenants and landlords.

Matt Kain

In the commercial real estate world my strength is problem-solving, to find unique solutions for both landlords and tenants. The more complex the sales or leasing requirements the better for me, as I do like a challenge!

My commercial team and I pride ourselves on our ability to take a long-term view of the commercial real estate market, and provide a smooth selling or leasing experience, right through to ongoing management.

We also offer more strategic commercial, office and industrial property solutions than other traditional real estate offices can, as we specialise in commercial property alone. With deep ties to the Mount Gambier community, we offer our clients comprehensive analysis covering both the landlord and tenant’s needs, along with a broader market view of any given property’s potential.

My background in both accounting and logistics in a national transport firm has led to a particular skill set that is an excellent fit for a modern commercial real estate company. My passion for efficiency, and harnessing the most up-to-date technology to streamlining processes has ensured that Complete Commercial is able to provide a first-class service.

As head of the Complete Commercial team, I use intelligent analysis and strategic thinking to reveal the best use of a property and find the perfect tenant. Each commercial premise is unique and pretty much a blank canvas. In our role at Complete Commercial, we help tenants or purchasers see the potential of a commercial space, and involves working with a client to devise a commercial strategy that allows for scaling their business or services. This encourages a client to develop a site so it better suits their needs, both now and into the future.

My commercial team has built a full-suite of business advisory services; we assist with developing strategies and solutions to increase the value of the assets under our management. Our end goal is to mitigate the stress business owners and landlords face, perfect the vision and “make it happen”.

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